Reseller Frequenty Asked Questions

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  • Do you need access to our network equipment?
    No, as your client's technician, you can make the needed changes to the wireless network.
    If you are not the client's tech or if you are unable to make the changes, we are happy to assist and/or make the changes for you. Our goal is not to steal your clients, but to help you provide a valuable service to them.

    We do know that many small business owners do not have computer technicians. In these cases, we are more than happy to speak with your client and assist them with any questions and technical needs they have.

  • Do you have more information about this service?
    Yes! Please visit Secure Office Wireless for more information. Let us know if you have additional questions and we are happy to go over things with you.

  • What changes are needed on the wireless equipment?
    Keep the Guest network the same (or create a dedicated Guest network if needed).
    On the main network, change the type to WPA2-Enterprise and we will provide the Radius server information for your client once they are ready to go live. If you don't have a centralized controller, you would add the radius server information to each wireless access point.

  • Are there any contracts required?
    No. We believe that if we provide a good service, you and your client will be happy. We don't believe in locking people into long term contracts.

  • Are you qualified to work on my client's network?
    Yes, we have experienced senior network technicians who will be working with you and your clients. Our techs are seasoned, but friendly. We have worked with coworking/workspace clients for years and love the hospitality aspect of that industry. We try to carry this over to the tech field by answering questions, working with you, and helping with anything your client needs with urgency.

  • How hard is it to set up individual usernames & passwords for each user on our wireless network?
    It's super simple! We give you access to a website portal that allows you to add users and assign passwords. You can delete users that should no longer have access and add them back at a later time if needed. If you can fill out a short form, then YOU CAN manage your wireless network!

  • When do I get my commission?
    We pay commissions after then end of each month (payments arrive during the first week of each new month). After your client has paid the setup fee, it will be included in your payout for the month.

  • Can I earn a larger commission?
    Yes. Commissions for coworking/workspace clients are more. The setup fee for these companies varies depending on how much network equipment they have. A portion of the setup fee does go to you (normally around $500-$800). Learn more about our workspace solutions by visiting our Network Commander website. The workspace management platform adds in the management of switch ports and bandwidth in additional to wireless authentication.

  • Can I earn other commissions?
    Yes, we also offer phone services and can pay a commission on these referrals also. These sales are not included in the wireless sales contest at this time.

  • Can I whitelabel your website?
    Yes, there is a $1,500 setup for this, but we can whitelabel this for you. At that point, you pay would be paying us for our services and invoicing your own clients. Whether your client pays you or not, you are responsible for paying us by the 5th of each month. With our whitelisted services, you can charge whatever you wish for a setup fee and for ongoing monthly fees. We also are happy to speak with your clients on a conference call with you to answer any questions that they may have.

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